The importance of area rug pads.

In order to protect wall-to-wall carpets, a pad is placed between the hard concrete and the carpet. Same is true for hardwood floors. The same basic principle is true for area rugs. In order to keep them intact and secure, you should always use a correctly sized  pad. By doing this, you will also protect the hard floor beneath from scratches. Because area rugs get a bit more foot traffic than other areas, a rug pad will increase its life expectancy. That being said, there are more benefits to using a pad for your rug.

Keep it Still
Small area rugs, even larger ones, often move out of place even when placed on a carpeted floor. If you have hardwood floors, they will often slide out of place. This is not only an added chore but can be dangerous. By using a non-slip pad, you are ensuring that the rug stays exactly where you placed it.

Keep it Looking Great
BambooShagBeige2010.xlIf a rug is placed on a hard surface without a pad, the corners and edges will bend over time. This is due to the foot traffic it receives. This is especially true for rugs placed in hallways. By placing a pad underneath the rug, it will not be able to move easily. This means it will not get underfoot or slide and thus cannot roll and bend at the edges. Another important issue is the floor itself. If the floor has slight indentations, for example, those on stone tiles, the rough surface will, over time, damage the underside of the rug. By placing a pad, you protect your area rug and keep it looking new for longer.

Ergonomics at Work
Outside, our shoes give us enough padding and comfort to walk with ease. Indoors, however, we mostly walk barefoot. Hardwood floors can take their toll on your feet, knees, and back. Walking barefoot on a hard surface for a long period of time can lead to calluses which are painful. This pain, in turn, causes pressure on your knees and back. In other words, having carpets creates a soft surface area for you to walk in comfort. Adding padding under your carpets adds extra comfort.

Why other options don’t work.
You could opt to use double sided tape or special carpet tape to keep your rug in place. While this is a quick and cheap solution at first, it’s problematic in the long run. The first problem you will face is that adhesive tape will lose its adhesive properties over time. Although you would use this perhaps just on the edges of the rug, dust and dirt will stick to the tape. As it would be placed in the corners, this will be visible. This means that the rug will constantly appear dirty. Another problem is that when you decide to move the rug the adhesive tape will leave a mark on your floors. In order to remove this mark, you may need to scratch your floors or use chemicals which can damage your hardwood floors. Your best option is to use a rug pad. Rug pads are non-slip without using any type of glue or adhesive. You can move your rug anywhere easily while also keeping it flat when placed.
Area rugs are visibly appealing, comfortable, and add warmth to your home. That being said, they come with a number of issues when placed directly on your floors. Rug pads solve all those issues. They protect your floors, area rugs, and add comfort for your feet. Adding an area rug is important for the overall feel and look of your home. Adding a rug pad is vital for the durability and longevity of your rug.

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