d96aecdad8abd989e521f1c6942a709cA mudroom serves as a buffer between the outside world and the cozy interior of your tidy home. If you live in an area that is rainy, snowy or prone to muddy climates, a mudroom can be of great help to ensuring that your home stays tidy, clean and mud free. If you live in the cold climates, where the winter boots usually bring with them lots of unwelcome ice, or you reside in the warm weather where the beach days results in lots of sand getting dragged into your home sand, then a mudroom is of utmost importance. As aforementioned, the mudroom will act as the buffer area where shoes and muddy boots can be placed before they track in the dirt, sand and mud, the umbrellas can be tucked away, and the jackets can be hung.

The mudroom offer homeowners numerous advantages, some of which include;
-Easy cleaning; Instead of always cleaning and mopping the entire house every other time when the kids or your pets come running in from the snow or rain, all you have to clean is a significantly small area. Having a single spot which collects most of the dirt will greatly reduce your cleaning time, thus allowing you to recapture many hours which you’d have otherwise used cleaning and vacuuming your house. By outfitting your mudroom with easy to clean materials means that you will spend less time vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the rest of the house.
-Additional storage space; A mudroom can easily double as a convenient extra closet. You can enhance the mudroom by adding floor to ceiling storage which can be of great use for storing outerwear. You can use the space during winter to hang coats, gloves and scarves. You can customize the space and have an area that’s dedicated for storing shoes, jackets and such other outerwear.
-Aesthetic appeal; A well designed mudroom can increase the curb appeal of your home, especially if you use the right type of flooring materials. Designing your mudroom with easy to clean, and durable natural rugs along with the right flooring materials will not only add aesthetic appeal to your home, but it will also enhance the efficiency of the heating and cooling in the house.
Mudrooms should be built using water resistant hard flooring such as ceramic tile, so as to make cleaning effortless and also to add a more welcoming feel to your home. You can add a stain resistant natural rug that is durable and can withstand the high foot traffic. Natural fiber rugs have an extra layer which means that they allow you to easily shake out the debris and dirt that accumulates. Sisal rugs are the best natural rugs to use in a mudroom because they have great durability and are highly absorbent, meaning they can help in eliminating some amount of humidity in the room. Seagrass is another great natural fiber rug. It has a natural, oceanic texture, is highly stain resistant and very durable. It is also naturally water resistant, thus ideal for using in environments with lots of snow and rains.

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