Answers to important questions about rug pads

Do you really need a rug pad?

eco-friendly-rug-padsThe answer to this question is maybe. Rug pads have three main purposes; they control wrinkling, bunching and curling, keep your rugs from sliding out of place and reduces the wearing out of your rug,

Most importantly, rug pads anchor the Rug in place preventing slippage or falling when walking across it. Besides keeping the carpet from sliding, rug pads also protects the floor as well as extend the life of the carpet since they provide a barrier for dust and dirt from the floor which makes it easier to vacuum it.

Rug pads have an extra cushioning which makes the surface to feel softer and warmer. This is most appreciated in areas where people gather on the rug such as in the living room or the children’s room. Cushioning also helps to keep the rug clean as air can pass below it when vacuuming and it improves sound insulation of the floor.

Lastly, when buying rug pad, ensure that it is specifically made for the area you intend to use it on as the wrong pad will have the wrong amount of petroleum which can harm your flooring. Manufacturers make different rug pads for tile flooring, wooden floor as well as special rug pads for wall to wall carpeting, therefore, ensure you get the right one that guarantees not to harm your floor.

Do you need area rug pads on wall to wall carpeting?

Area rugs placed on top of wall to wall carpeting are still susceptible to problems. They may wrinkle or curl into bunches that not only look untidy but can also make you trip and fall. Depending on the density and the pile height of the wall to wall carpet, placing furniture on the rug can cause damage to both the floor and the rug.

Using area rug pads makes the rugs to stay in position, reduces wearing out and keeps them flat especially around the ends and edges which are the most vulnerable areas of area rugs.

Is providing a cushioned feel the main function of rug pad?rugpadusa-contour-lock-laminate-feature_2048x2048

The answer to this is no. The main function of rug pads is to protect the rug fibres preventing premature wearing out especially in the areas with heavy traffic. Rugs are often used on hard surfaces and rug pads acts as shock absorber for foot traffic. The denser the padding, the less the strain on the rugs and as a result they substantially lengthen the life of your rugs.

What is the best type of rug pad?
Well, today, there are many types of rug pads on the market but you should strive to find one that is durable and one that performs well without causing any damage to your floor.

Also, ensure that the padding is made for your specific floor type and it should be dense enough to offer maximum comfort and protection to the rug fibres. Most importantly, purchase from manufacturers who guarantee the quality of the rug pads.

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