Answers to important questions about rug pads

Do you really need a rug pad?

eco-friendly-rug-padsThe answer to this question is maybe. Rug pads have three main purposes; they control wrinkling, bunching and curling, keep your rugs from sliding out of place and reduces the wearing out of your rug,

Most importantly, rug pads anchor the Rug in place preventing slippage or falling when walking across it. Besides keeping the carpet from sliding, rug pads also protects the floor as well as extend the life of the carpet since they provide a barrier for dust and dirt from the floor which makes it easier to vacuum it.

Rug pads have an extra cushioning which makes the surface to feel softer and warmer. This is most appreciated in areas where people gather on the rug such as in the living room or the children’s room. Cushioning also helps to keep the rug clean as air can pass below it when vacuuming and it improves sound insulation of the floor.

Lastly, when buying rug pad, ensure that it is specifically made for the area you intend to use it on as the wrong pad will have the wrong amount of petroleum which can harm your flooring. Manufacturers make different rug pads for tile flooring, wooden floor as well as special rug pads for wall to wall carpeting, therefore, ensure you get the right one that guarantees not to harm your floor.

Do you need area rug pads on wall to wall carpeting?

Area rugs placed on top of wall to wall carpeting are still susceptible to problems. They may wrinkle or curl into bunches that not only look untidy but can also make you trip and fall. Depending on the density and the pile height of the wall to wall carpet, placing furniture on the rug can cause damage to both the floor and the rug.

Using area rug pads makes the rugs to stay in position, reduces wearing out and keeps them flat especially around the ends and edges which are the most vulnerable areas of area rugs.

Is providing a cushioned feel the main function of rug pad?rugpadusa-contour-lock-laminate-feature_2048x2048

The answer to this is no. The main function of rug pads is to protect the rug fibres preventing premature wearing out especially in the areas with heavy traffic. Rugs are often used on hard surfaces and rug pads acts as shock absorber for foot traffic. The denser the padding, the less the strain on the rugs and as a result they substantially lengthen the life of your rugs.

What is the best type of rug pad?
Well, today, there are many types of rug pads on the market but you should strive to find one that is durable and one that performs well without causing any damage to your floor.

Also, ensure that the padding is made for your specific floor type and it should be dense enough to offer maximum comfort and protection to the rug fibres. Most importantly, purchase from manufacturers who guarantee the quality of the rug pads.


d96aecdad8abd989e521f1c6942a709cA mudroom serves as a buffer between the outside world and the cozy interior of your tidy home. If you live in an area that is rainy, snowy or prone to muddy climates, a mudroom can be of great help to ensuring that your home stays tidy, clean and mud free. If you live in the cold climates, where the winter boots usually bring with them lots of unwelcome ice, or you reside in the warm weather where the beach days results in lots of sand getting dragged into your home sand, then a mudroom is of utmost importance. As aforementioned, the mudroom will act as the buffer area where shoes and muddy boots can be placed before they track in the dirt, sand and mud, the umbrellas can be tucked away, and the jackets can be hung.

The mudroom offer homeowners numerous advantages, some of which include;
-Easy cleaning; Instead of always cleaning and mopping the entire house every other time when the kids or your pets come running in from the snow or rain, all you have to clean is a significantly small area. Having a single spot which collects most of the dirt will greatly reduce your cleaning time, thus allowing you to recapture many hours which you’d have otherwise used cleaning and vacuuming your house. By outfitting your mudroom with easy to clean materials means that you will spend less time vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the rest of the house.
-Additional storage space; A mudroom can easily double as a convenient extra closet. You can enhance the mudroom by adding floor to ceiling storage which can be of great use for storing outerwear. You can use the space during winter to hang coats, gloves and scarves. You can customize the space and have an area that’s dedicated for storing shoes, jackets and such other outerwear.
-Aesthetic appeal; A well designed mudroom can increase the curb appeal of your home, especially if you use the right type of flooring materials. Designing your mudroom with easy to clean, and durable natural rugs along with the right flooring materials will not only add aesthetic appeal to your home, but it will also enhance the efficiency of the heating and cooling in the house.
Mudrooms should be built using water resistant hard flooring such as ceramic tile, so as to make cleaning effortless and also to add a more welcoming feel to your home. You can add a stain resistant natural rug that is durable and can withstand the high foot traffic. Natural fiber rugs have an extra layer which means that they allow you to easily shake out the debris and dirt that accumulates. Sisal rugs are the best natural rugs to use in a mudroom because they have great durability and are highly absorbent, meaning they can help in eliminating some amount of humidity in the room. Seagrass is another great natural fiber rug. It has a natural, oceanic texture, is highly stain resistant and very durable. It is also naturally water resistant, thus ideal for using in environments with lots of snow and rains.

The Best Area Rug Pads

One of the purposes of rugs is to prevent floor from scratches. Now, how disappointing would it be to find out that the rug itself is scratching the floor? Dust, dirt, sand and other particles tend to accumulate on the rug, sift through it and land on the floor. If the rug isn’t properly attached to the floor, it will slightly move when people step on it. In the long run, a loose rug will have the same effect on your floor surface as a sheet of sandpaper.

You probably heard of pads that go under area rugs. Maybe you even used them. In this case, you surely know how important they are. They go between the rug and the floor, preventing the rug from moving. This protects your floor from scratches. Besides, a loose rug might cause falling accidents.

It’s worth mentioning that a big and heavy rug might not need an underlayment, especially if the room isn’t used often.

durabThere are different types of carpet pad (also known as underlayment or cushion) and they are meant to be used with different kinds of rugs. At best, an improper rug-pad combination will result in poor traction. At worst, it might damage your pad and render it unusable in few months.

Also, let’s not forget that wall-to-wall pads are meant to be stapled or glued to the floor. Thus, they have no anti-slide properties.

Choosing the right size rug pad

If you will like to preserve the life of your rug, then you need a rug pad. A rug pad will play a great role in reducing slippage of your rug. It will also help in prolonging the lifespan of your rug. The pad will protect the rug against everyday wearing. With a rug pad in place you will have a soft and supportive foundation which will keep your rug in place. You can as well cut most rug pads with scissors for you to achieve a perfect match for your rug.

Choosing the right size rug pad

rug-pad-1The right rug pad should be a bit smaller in size when compared to the size of the rug. When the rug pad is slightly smaller than the rug, then the rug will gently taper to the flow at the edges. This will prevent trip hazard. The trip hazard can be caused when a heel of the shoe catches the edge of the rug. The smaller size will also prevent premature wear and curling at the edge of the rug when people will be walking on it. Another reason why the rug pad should be slightly smaller is to conceal the edge of the pad.

It is easy to determine the size of your rug pad. It should be two inches shorter than your rug on all four sides. The rug pad should be two inches less on each dimension. This is necessary for you to have a perfect fitting rug pad.

Benefits of using a rug pad

There are many benefits you will enjoy after you decide to use a rug pad. For example, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Reduces the wear and tear on the rug

If you will like to achieve long life out of your rug, then you need to buy a rug pad. The pad will protect the rug against wear and tear which will make it serve you for a long period of time.

Helps to absorb the impact of feet and noise

You will not be bored with unnecessary noise in your house when people will be walking. The rug pad will absorb the noise hence making your home a good place to concentrate in different activities. If you had installed it in an office, the office will be very conducive for you to work.

Makes vacuuming the rug easierimages

The rug pad will raise the rug for easy vacuuming. It makes it easy for the vacuuming process to get rid of most of the dirt from the rug.

Protects the flooring against wear

Your flooring will not be subject to scratches which can affect their lifespan. The pad is made to cushion them against any damage.

Adds a layer of cushion between your feet and the hard floor

Your feet will feel comfortable when walking on the floor.


If you have a rug over carpet, then you need to go for thick polyester fabric coated adhesive pads. This is necessary because they will prevent darker color rugs from bleeding to the carpet.

A pad with nonslip coating on one side will do well when placed on hardwood, laminate or any other hard surface. The nonslip slip should face the hard surface so that it will reduce slippage.

Living Room Furniture Arrangement Tips

Have you ever sat in your living room and just felt something was “off” somehow, but you just couldn’t figure what it was? Arguably, living rooms are the most used spaces in our homes. Different people use living rooms for different purposes. From family gatherings, to friends’ game nights, the leaving room is a social hub. Regardless of how you mainly use your living room, furniture placement and spacing is key to function and comfort. For this reason, I have made a small compilation of tips and ideas on how to place furniture in your living room and make it stylish and welcoming.

Remember the basics 

When it comes arranging living room furniture, keep the following points in mind.

Conversations areas: You can creatively arrange furniture to create conversation areas in your living room. This is especially if your living room is large. You don’t want people to strain their necks and shoulders when talking to each other.

Leave the walls alone: Unless your sofa needs support from the wall, or the backs of your furniture are not well finished, there is no need of having your furniture’s backs touching the walls. Moving them closer can create an intimate setting while also enhancing the visual size of your room.  Something like this:


The focal point: Furniture in your living should be arranged around a focal point. This could be a fireplace, a window, an aquarium or a television.

Traffic flow: Make sure to leave enough space around furniture so that people can move around easily.
Furniture Sizes and Placement
Sofas and Chairs: These two will probably take the largest portion of your living room space. So before you even set out to purchase any of them, take a tape measure and sketch their measurements on paper. Visualize how you want each of them placed, keeping in mind the rooms lighting and traffic flow.

Coffee Table: These are pieces that will dominate the center of conversations areas. The length of the coffee table should ideally be at least a half and at most two thirds the length of the sofa. Also, its height should be slightly lower than the height of chairs and sofas around it. Alternatively, you can use a couple of small benches or tables in the place of the coffee table. Just make sure they are not too small or too short.
Side Tables: This are meant to provide a little more surface beyond the coffee table, and also fill those empty spaces between sofas and chairs, especially if your living room is particularly large. If you have enough space, place one on either side of the sofas and between pairs of chairs, just be careful not to make your room look overcrowded.

Mind the rugs: If you have an area for a rug, position them in a way that either the legs of people sitting are completely off or completely on it. Do not let them wobble. Try to position the rugs so that corners and edges are not in the main walkways to minimize the chances of people tripping as they move around. Also, ensure that the rugs do not destabilize the tables while at it.

Living Room Accessories

1-Fresh-living-room-decorInterior décor and accessories are as important as furniture. You need to plan the placement of your accessories early enough so that your living room does not eventually turn out to be cluttered or look overcrowded. Make provision for television, artwork and indoor plants.

You can sketch the living room plan on paper if you are not so good with computer, or have an interior designer help you out. Try out different arrangements and colors to see which style works for you.


Moisture Proof Carpet Pad

d8e937953ed0a02a33f7c01d8c985ac2Moisture problems are common and can cause a big headache. For this reason, as you prepare to purchase a new carpet for your home, it is important that you also consider investing in a quality carpet pad. A carpet pad is simply a layer of thick foam that is placed between the floor and the carpet. And just like area rugs, they come in different qualities, sizes and prices.

One of the trendiest pads today that helps in curbing moisture spillage is the pet proof or moisture proof carpet pad. This is a rug pad that is specially created to deflect urine and any other form of moisture that is capable of absorbing through your carpet and into the subfloor. It is worth noting that pet proof rugs are made of high-quality materials so that they can serve their purpose adequately, and that they are relatively expensive compared to the regular carpet padding.

So, is it worth your investment?

Animal urine (dogs to be precise) is among the most common moisture problems that homeowners encounter. Whenever moisture gets into your carpet, it has to go somewhere, and that is where pet proof padding comes in. Although the pad does not get rid of the urine or other forms of moisture, it allows it to pool on top of it instead of penetrating to the floor. However, if you don’t get the urine up immediately, it will end up saturating the back of your carpet, thereby increasing the chances of damages on it. A general damage is the carpet delamination where the carpet starts to separate from its backing.

spillclose__25496.1413559781.1280.1280If you have a pet, therefore, a moisture proof carpet would be an investment worth making. For example, if you have a large pet with some bladder issues, you would expect a significant amount of urine to go down through your carpet more often. The urine of a large pet can effortlessly soak through a sub-standard pad and into your sub-floor. But with a quality pet-proof carpet, you can easily overcome that because it will protect your rug from any damages.

A smaller pet, on the other hand, may have fewer accidents that may not soak through a carpet pad. This means that if you use a rug pad, the urine would be trapped between it and the carpet, thereby exposing your carpet to more urine damage. Luckily, with the increased ultramodern carpet cleaning techniques, you can have this urine removed even without having to lift your carpet.

Installing a moisture proof carpet pad is definitely a valuable investment as it can keep liquids more contained rather than widespread. However, you should not allow yourself to get confused by the name pet proof as it only repels moisture and does not make urine disappear magically. And since the liquid or urine spilled on your carpet must go somewhere, either into the carpet backing or into the pad, your carpet padding must be installed correctly. Your installer must be a professional so as to ensure that all the gaps are sealed or otherwise your padding will be doomed.